Florida Juveniles Get a Second Chance With HB 195

After vetoing a bill that would expand expunction measures to include juvenile offenders one year ago, Governor Ron DeSantis has approved HB 195, an updated version of the same bill which provides minors the ability to expunge a criminal record after completing a diversion program. By allowing them a second chance, HB 195 will be a major benefit to minors who are faced with the burden of a criminal record, and Read More

Do You Want an Aggressive Attorney?

You’ve likely heard plenty of advertisements from attorneys claiming to be “aggressive” in the courtroom - an attribute also frequently sought after by our potential clients. Ask yourself what do you think you mean when you say you want an “aggressive” attorney. Being assertive,  confident, and making sound legal arguments are great skills for an attorney. On the other hand, being loud, bullying, and filing motions Read More

Why Won’t the State Just Drop my Charges?

After you’ve been accused of a crime, there is a possibility that the alleged victim decides to no longer pursue legal action against you. Whether that be because of a change of conscience, new evidence coming to light, or any other reason - the bad news is that you’ll likely still have to fight your case. Unfortunately, when dealing with criminal cases, the alleged victim does not have the ability to rescind the Read More

Examining Florida’s Permanent Alimony Statute

Florida remains one of the very few states which still grant permanent alimony, to the grief of many divorcees. In the past several years, multiple bills have been proposed in the Florida legislature for removing permanent alimony from Florida law, without success. 2022 is yet another chance for permanent alimony to be removed, and last year’s bill was very close to passing, so there is a very real possibility that Read More

Make Your Holidays Easier With a Rock-Solid Parenting Plan

If your holiday season was a flurry of schedules, transportation, and negotiation with your co-parent, it may be time to finalize a better parenting plan. One of the significant aspects of a parenting plan is to account for holidays and exceptions to the normal schedule, and decide how responsibilities are to be divided when these exceptions come up. If the parenting plan isn’t up to par, these exceptions can quickly Read More

Prenuptial Agreements – How They Work and Why You Need One

Prenuptial agreements are not a new phenomenon. They actually date back to Ancient Egypt, when they were used to establish the money and assets that each spouse would bring to the marriage. It wasn’t until much later that wealthier families started having them drafted to protect the interests of higher-income spouses and, in many cases, prevent the other party from claiming a share of a substantial family Read More

Co-Parenting Apps Can Make Life Simple

Well, maybe not simple. Anyone with kids knows there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring. Parenting is challenging, and co-parenting can be even more so.  That’s why Florida co-parents should strongly consider downloading and using one of the many co-parenting apps. You can access most of them on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Here are some reasons why these apps can make life simpler.  Streamlined Read More

A Probation Violation is Easier to Prove than a Criminal Offense in Florida

As a punishment for a felony or misdemeanor conviction, defendants tend to choose probation over jail or prison when they have an option. While probation comes with a number of conditions, getting to live (and sleep) in your own home seems like the better option. In Florida, individuals convicted of a crime may be sentenced to probation or have their jail or prison sentence “probated,” which allows them to serve Read More

Reminder: Marijuana Possession is STILL a State Crime in Florida

As of October 2021, 18 states have fully legalized recreational marijuana. In mid-2021, Virginia became the first southern state to legalize cannabis. Although Florida voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana usage in November 2016, possession of recreational marijuana is still a crime according to the Florida Statutes. Some Municipalities Have Decriminalized Marijuana Possession Starting in June 2015 Read More

Is Your Spouse Hiding Money?

One of the key issues for divorcing spouses is the issue of property division. This includes money, vehicles, houses, family-owned companies, and other marital property. The courts are obligated to fairly and equitably divide marital property.  To ensure that all marital property is fairly and equitably divided in a Florida divorce, there is a near-exhaustive list of financial disclosures each spouse must Read More