Filing for Emergency Pick-Up Orders in Florida (2024 Update)

Family courts across the United States understand the importance of both parents being involved in their children's lives. However, sometimes, situations requiring immediate legal action to protect a child's safety and well-being arise and a tough decision must be made. The Emergency Verified Motion for Child Pick-Up Order is a legal process designed for such situations. This blog sheds light on this process, Read More

Why It’s Still Important to Consult a Lawyer in an Amicable Divorce

Divorce marks a significant change in anyone's life, reshaping the future in profound, often unforeseen ways. The process always involves more than just signing papers; it's about ensuring that your rights are protected and your future is secured. Even in situations where both parties agree on the terms, the legal ramifications of those agreements can have long-lasting impacts. It's essential to approach this process Read More

Co-Parenting Transitions and Post-Divorce Family Life

The transition period during and after a divorce can be challenging for any family. Particularly for children, moving between homes of separated parents involves not just a physical shift but also an emotional one. Effective co-parenting strategies are crucial in these scenarios, especially in ensuring that children feel secure and loved, regardless of the household they are in at any given time. As a parent, you're Read More

Is Your Spouse Hiding Money?

One of the key issues for divorcing spouses is the issue of property division. This includes money, vehicles, houses, family-owned companies, and other marital property. The courts are obligated to fairly and equitably divide marital property.  To ensure that all marital property is fairly and equitably divided in a Florida divorce, there is a near-exhaustive list of financial disclosures each spouse must Read More

Financial Documents You Must Produce in a Florida Divorce (Updated for 2021)

To help ensure that both spouses going through a divorce get a fair settlement, Florida law requires parties to produce certain financial documents. Many spouses understandably view the numerous requirements as cumbersome. However, these documents must be produced in order to obtain a dissolution of marriage (plus a few other legal events) in Florida. Your attorney and judge aren’t simply trying to make your life Read More

Domestic Violence Injunctions for Protection in Florida

Before reading past this paragraph, please understand that this blog will cover a restraining order for domestic violence in Florida, which is legally referred to as an “Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence.” We will take a deeper dive into Florida’s definition of domestic violence and how to request a domestic violence injunction below, but this blog will not cover the other types of restraining Read More

Filing for Emergency Pick-Up Orders in Florida

Just about every family court in the country recognizes the benefits of having both parents involved in the lives of their children. Only in rare circumstances should one parent be denied physical access to his or her children. In even rarer circumstances should children be taken away from the physical care of a parent, but it does happen. Florida parents have a few options for filing for an emergency pick up of Read More

Mandatory Disclosures: What are they and do I have to do them?

Well, the answer to the second part is in the title...they are "mandatory." Mandatory disclosures are documents, mainly financial in nature, that must be disclosed to the opposing party in a family case.  The disclosure of these documents is required by the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure.  It is an automatic disclosure, meaning the other party does not have to ask for you to disclose them.   These documents Read More

Preparing For Your Family Law Consultation

I can’t tell you how many people come in for their consultation and have no idea what to ask me. This time is your opportunity to find out if I am the best person to represent you for this specific situation in your life. A life-changing situation in your life! Take advantage! When you come in for your consultation, it is best to know what you need to ask the attorney. What are you there for? Is it a divorce Read More

What is the difference between a legal father and a biological father?

A family law case is before the Florida Supreme Court right now that is quite interesting.  The court must decide a dispute between a child’s legal father and her biological father. You see, in Florida, when a child is born of a marriage, the legal father is the man married to the mother.  The legal father, therefore, may not be the biological father.  Thus, the biological father may not have any rights to the Read More