Co-Parenting Apps Can Make Life Simple

Well, maybe not simple. Anyone with kids knows there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring. Parenting is challenging, and co-parenting can be even more so. 

That’s why Florida co-parents should strongly consider downloading and using one of the many co-parenting apps. You can access most of them on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Here are some reasons why these apps can make life simpler

  1. Streamlined Communication

The foundation of every effective co-parenting relationship is communication. Getting a text message or email every time your kids’ other parent needs to touch base about school, baseball practice, dance classes, or sleepovers can be overwhelming. Important messages can also slip through the cracks.

Most co-parenting apps offer a chat or message feature. Having all your co-parenting correspondence in one place makes it easier to access important information about your kids’ schedules. For instance, you can make sure the other parent will see your request for that weeklong summer vacation you’ve always wanted to do with your kids. 

  1. Document Storage

Many apps also offer spaces to upload important legal documents. Having your parenting plan, time-sharing agreement, and other forms in the app allows for easy access if you ever have a co-parenting question. You could also think about uploading your child’s report cards and health information, as well as receipts for shared expenses.

  1. Calendaring. 

Many people can never get their events organized without visual aids. A particularly useful feature included in many co-parenting apps is the calendar feature. Users can typically enter events, mark days or weeks for time-sharing, and request vacations. Plenty of apps also offer color-coded calendar components so users never miss the important things. 

  1. Recording and Documentation. 

Just about anything you say or do on a co-parenting app can be recorded and used as evidence in court. Most co-parenting apps timestamp the exact time that messages are sent and documents are uploaded. Even correspondence and other digital activity that are supposedly deleted can still be recovered. 

This might be useful when one co-parent is simply not living up to their obligations. This could come into play when the other parent isn’t paying child support or abiding by the time-sharing agreement. As long as you make an effort to reach out about these issues, you could have an advantage in court. Co-parenting apps can be your best friend during a family law court battle. Although this link is not an exhaustive list of co-parenting apps, it does contain eight of the most popular:

The other important component of any successful co-parenting relationship is experienced legal counsel. A Lakeland family law attorney can ensure your parenting plan is fair and meets your goals. And, if you ever need to modify any court orders, your attorney can help you succeed. Our team is passionate about helping Florida families resolve legal issues. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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