Co-Parenting: For the Sake of Your Children

Divorce is a heart-wrenching experience.  I am speaking not only as an attorney, but also from personal experience.  It is even harder when you are undergoing it with children involved.  You tend to think that you know what is best for your children and that you are the parent that is doing things the “right way” for them.  It can be hard to remember that your children, in most cases, have another parent that loves them just as much as you do.

It is hard to put your own hurt and emotional baggage aside and remember the best in your ex-spouse.  But you need to…for the sake of your children.  If you are just starting the process of divorce, I know this is difficult, but if your children are young, you may have 10 or more years that you are going to have to co-parent with your ex-spouse. You might as well make the best of it.  You would much rather get along with this person, I assure you.  And your children will appreciate and love you that much more for it.

 It gets even harder when your ex-spouse brings a new person into your child’s life.  Feelings of jealousy begin to erupt.  Instead of succumbing to pettiness, think of it as another person to put love into your child’s life.  This may be very difficult, but be the better person.  Your children will grow to be healthier adults because of all the love they had.

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