Do You Want an Aggressive Attorney?

You’ve likely heard plenty of advertisements from attorneys claiming to be “aggressive” in the courtroom – an attribute also frequently sought after by our potential clients. Ask yourself what do you think you mean when you say you want an “aggressive” attorney. Being assertive,  confident, and making sound legal arguments are great skills for an attorney. On the other hand, being loud, bullying, and filing motions just to file them (costing the opposing party and yourself more money) may do more harm than good. Today we’ll examine why an aggressive attorney may not be the best choice for your case, and what you should look for to find an attorney that will make a difference in the courtroom.

The end goal of a litigator is to convince someone, whether a judge or a jury or the opposing party, to agree with the facts of the case as they present them. Just as with any agreement, being hostile often isn’t necessarily the best way to convince people of your point. Instead, attorneys who work effectively with judges and other attorneys often gain better outcomes, as other parties in the legal system are more willing to cooperate and listen to what they have to say.

Some aggressive attorneys will promise to do “whatever’s necessary” to resolve your case, which often leads to repetitive motions, arguments, and even unprofessional behavior. These actions often won’t do much for your case other than clog up the docket, slow down your case, and generate more attorney fees. If it’s found that these actions are not legally sufficient, you may even be forced to pay the opposing party’s legal fees as repayment for defending against an insufficient claim. Quality legal counsel will tell you what the real options are in your case according to the rule of law, avoiding more unnecessary motions and legal fees. An ethical, experienced attorney should be well aware of the extent of the law, and avoid selling you on promises they’re unable to make good on in the courtroom.

When looking for an attorney, look for knowledge of the law and the experience necessary to understand the ins and outs of your case. Compassionate and ethical attorneys who focus on the rule of law to act effectively within it are often the ones leaving the courtroom with positive outcomes. We at Heather Bryan Law, P.A. are well-experienced and ready to provide the highest quality of legal counsel for your case. Contact us today and see how an effective, assertive, and compassionate attorney can make the difference.

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